Monday, 19 November 2012

Vintage Sale & Xmas Gifts!

Hello all!! It's been a while since we did a blog post and this is because we've been focusing on our upcoming table top sale!!
 For those of you who are local to the Hampshire area and enjoy rumaging through gorgeous vintage/retro pieces, then we'd be thrilled to see you there!!
As you can see from the flyer we created it's going to be at Viables Craft Centre this Saturday (24th Nov) from 11am-4pm
Also available for your buying pleasure on the day, there will be lovely hand made xmas gifts from the amazing Deborah Barham who specialises in soft furnishings/upholstery/upcycling of furniture and hand made gifts. 
A selection of what to expext on the day from Deborah can be seen in the pictures below.

Vintage china tea cup scented candles, gingerbread man, russian doll & cinnamon stick tree decorations, plus many more items, what more could you want?

All in all I think it is going to be a good day & here's hoping our 2nd table top sale is more sucessful than our first!! If you can, come along to make it a great day!!
xx RR Girls xx

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The 10 Commandments

We’ve put together 10 looks showcasing our items for sale for you, the Retro Rose disciples viewing pleasure!! These looks are just essential for Autumn so all together now, ‘Thou shalt always look fabulous’. 

Look 1
White Embroidered Crop Vest, size 14, £16
Floral Mid-Length Skirt, size 10/12 £18
Brown Ankle Boots, size 6 £32
Silver Celtic Brooch £8

Look 2
Green Paisley Bow Tie Dress, size 16, £24
Brown Ankle Boots, size 6 £32

Look 3
White Embroidered Waistcoat (inset) Shirt, size 12, £16
Leather Bag (with zip feature for one/both shoulder wear) £20

Look 4
Velvet Black T-shirt, size 16, £10
Yellow Jacket, size 10, £20
Gold Necklace, £8

Look 5
Beige Suede Fringe Jacket, size S (fits 12 and below), £45

Look 6
Leopard Print T-shirt, size S, £14
Black Faux Fur Jacket, size no label (will fit 12 and below), £45

Look 7
Black/Gold Beaded Embroidered Evening top, size 16, £22
Orange/Brown Smart Jacket, size 12, £35
Look 8
Black/White Patterned Short Sleeve Shirt, size no label (will fit 12 and below), £16
Red/Black Dog Tooth Cardigan with Gold Buttons, size L, £20
Brown Ankle Boots, size 6, £32

Look 9
Green/Navy Tartan Blazer/Jacket, size 12, £30
Black/White Patterned Short Sleeve Short Shirt, size no label (will fit 12 and below), £16
Brown Ankle Boots, size 6, £32

Look 10
Red/Blue/White/Gold Chain & Crown Scarf, £4
 All of these items will be available to buy in our online shop tomorrow - we hope you like them :)
x RR Girls x

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

An age old argument... Fur or Faux

Everyone and their mother has an opinion on this controversial issue and as we are approaching increasingly colder weather, it’s about time to reach for those furry scarf’s/stoles, hats and coats to give you that extra bit of warmth but what’s your stance? Opt for the faux fur as you can’t stand the thought of wearing something that was once running around in a field? Go ‘gung ho’ in a new real fur coat? Maybe, play it a bit safer in a real but recycled vintage find? Or indeed, not wear anything that resembles fur in the slightest? It is a real issue of controversy and we want to know your thoughts, so we invite anyone that reads this post and who has an opinion on the matter in hand to vote in our poll positioned on the left hand side of the page.
And FYI (if you’re interested), here at Retro Rose we love faux fur and real fur as long as it’s vintage – it keeps a new one on the hanger at least...  
RR Girls x


Friday, 5 October 2012

The Gentlemans Issue...

Those of you that attended our first table top sale will be aware that are rails were lacking somewhat in men’s clothing, that’s not to say there was none available but that there was significantly less than what was on offer for women (but what do you really expect from two girls?) but fear not boys of Hampshire! (and hopefully those further afield that might be reading this blog) we have spent the last week sourcing some lovely menswear for your viewing (and optimistically buying) pleasure...

Now, as previously explained we are in our infancy, so blog posts will gradually get better (we hope!). Plans are to have styled outfits modelled by men and women alike, aiming to cater for all sizes. Any questions you may have about posted items and purchasing, we would be happy to answer.

The first picture is a collection of some of our mens shirts on offer, generally shirts will be priced at around £20 but we will provide sizing and pricing details on individual items in the shop page of our blog (coming ASAP). The second picture features 3 shirts (seen in the first picture), 2 jumpers (again priced at around £20) and a 'farmers' jacket, £40. I hope some of these items tickle your fancy and as mentioned, we hope to have the blog shop up and running soon!

RR Girls x


The customer is always .......... Stylish

Following the sucess of our first table top sale, a couple of happy customers have sent us pictures of themselves sporting thier Retro Rose Purchases.  The first picture; red knit jumper with sequins  was sold for £16 and the second picture; mens cricket jumper went for £15, bargains!!
We will be styling some of our items ourselves but would be overjoyed to see what you (the buyers) team your purchases with :)

Monday, 1 October 2012

Retro Rose Debut.....

Soooo our first pop up shop went fabulously well! We had so much fun, What's that old saying?.... “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” That is certainly true for us Retro Rose ladies.

We had tons of support from friends and family who all popped in to see us and grabbed some cheeky little bargains. All in all we had a hugely successful day for our first day of trading, and fingers (and toes) crossed for many more.

Meet the Retro Rose Ladies.... Donna and Sarah
Not badly thrown together in 4days (the stall that is, not us)... We're working on the display... all in good time.
We don't bite.. come say hi next time!
We would love to know what you want from your local vintage shop.
Stay posted for pics of purchases.....

Friday, 28 September 2012

Come and Support our first Pop Up shop

We will be debuting our wide (some would say 'Totes Amaze') selection of vintage wear on Sunday 30th September 2012 at Trinkets Boutique Market. Come and say Hi to us at Hatch Warren Community Centre, Basingstoke from 11am. Only £1 entry. Find out more about Trinkets Boutique Market here Trinkets Boutique Market. We would <3 to meet you and find out what you're looking for in your local vintage clothes reseller.